Mokrets Nadiya Orphanage Shipping/Clothing

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This fundraiser supports Ukraine Harvest Mission

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Defer costs of shipping clothing and shoes for 38 children

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About Ukraine Harvest Mission

Ukraine Harvest is a Virginia-based mission team focused on bringing the Gospel to Ukraine.  Mission leaders Ed and Karen Moas adopted their daughter from Mokrets, a small village northeast of Kyiv.  They returned to Mokrets to help conduct a summer church camp in 2017, for ~40 orphanage and village children.
Ukraine Harvest is returning to Mokrets in 2018 with a larger team.  The camp has expanded to ~100 children, including children from surrounding villages.  In addition to supporting the camp, the mission team will be helping with construction projects at the village church.
Ukraine Harvest is partnered with Nadia Orphanage in Mokrets, Mokrets Evangelical Baptist Church, and Freeway Kiev, an organization that ministers to orphans and at-risk youth.  Every dollar donated to this mission will go towards the camp, church service projects, and the orphanage.  God is alive and moving in Ukraine!  James 1:27

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