4 Year Old Sasha's Hearing Aid

4 Year Old Sasha's Hearing Aid

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Sasha is a 4 year old boy in the village of Mokrets in Ukraine who desperately needs a hearing aid.  Due to a traumatic birth, he has several serious health problems and poor vision and almost zero ability to hear are two conditions.  All money donated except the approximate 5% retained from credit card and Grassroot hosting fees will be sent to Ukraine by Without Excuse Endeavor to Andriy to give to the family to purchase a hearing aid for Sasha.  Sasha needs this hearing aid to be able to learn to speak or he may never talk his entire life.  Thank you for caring and donating!

From Andriy of the Freeway team's Facebook page, "The colder it is on the street, the more we look forward to Winter, snow, Christmas, and gifts. Once again we want to believe in a miracles. Someone wants a new gadget, someone a bike, someone wishes for headphones, someone is waiting for a trip to the snowy mountains. Someone wants it all. But not him.

His name is Sasha. He is 4. He lives among us, in our village Mokrets. Sasha does not speak because he does not hear. He hears almost nothing. The world did not meet him on friendly terms when the boy was born. Due to childbirth traumas, Sasha was injured, and now he can not walk, he sees poorly and does not hear. A four-year-old sweet boy has never heard the voice of his mother. Sasha lives with his brother and sister, but he can’t hear them either. Sasha's dad is now serving in the army. The most cherished wish of Sasha's mother is that her little four-year-old son would hear her words "Hey, my little one, hello!" and smile in response.
For this family the price of the issue is unbearably heavy - 30 000 UAH (approz $1000US) This is exactly how much a hearing aid costs, which Sasha can use with all his terrible diagnoses. Speech apparatus is formed by the age of four, so there is not a second to lose.

Sasha is a child who needs our help a little more than other children do, but unfortunately, he cannot even ask for it. Therefore, I do it for him. This child is sent on our way so that our hearts become kinder.
Please, help!"


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