Schmierer Project R8.15

Schmierer Project R8.15

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***Monthly Goal of $5,000 by September 9th***
We finished August strong! Thank you so much to all who donated we reached our first goal!  Thank you! We are hoping to complete our Dossier, as well as have it translated and submitted by the end of September. Please help us by sharing with your friends and family.

This is Lisa. She is 9. Lisa's mom died last year after a very long and painful struggle with disease. A month and a half ago, Lisa's wheelchair ridden grandma died, too. Father? Lisa never had one. Her whole entire life this little girl lived in conditions that very few of you can imagine. Really. Unless you have traveled to an overseas village and saw what real hunger and poverty look like. She was loved well, but never had a fraction of what any child from even the poorest American family has. Now the only riches that were truly hers, her mom's hugs, are gone. Forever. How much can a child take? Lisa is now in an orphanage in Ukraine, and the trauma she experienced from her previous circumstances, magnified by events of the last two years, lead to the fact that she does not speak much. Some, but not much. Her world has collapsed.

Now, I have these friends, Katie and Daniel Schmeirer, some of you know them, some don't. These two have enough love to embrace the world. When they heard about Lisa, they stepped up and decided to do everything possible and impossible to help her. Lisa needs to be out of the orphanage and undergo treatment. Every day in an institution leaves a mark. Not the kind you want to carry. The kind you want to shield a little girl from.

Friends, we need some of your money so we can bring her here. Katie and Daniel were in a process of buying a house when they found out about Lisa, and while they are ready for her logistically, they are at $0 count for other financial costs involved because everything happened at the same time. They need some of your money: your coffee money, your gaming money, your new shoes money, your lunch money, your movie money, your any money. We need the money that comes from your heart, your pride, your compassion or your ambition. Whatever reason you may find within yourself to give, I need you to give.
One of our easily recognized expressions is " it takes a village to raise a child." I suppose sometimes it does. We need you to show Lisa our village. Please.

All your gifts are tax-deductible and will go directly to cover expenses involved in facilitating everything necessary to assure the well-being and health of this little girl.


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WithOut Excuse Endeavor Inc.

WithOut Excuse Endeavor is a charitable, non-profit, tax-deductible 501(c)(3) corporation that seeks to aid and protect at-risk youth around the world.

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