Igor’s Medical Supplies to Ukraine Fundraiser

Igor’s Medical Supplies to Ukraine Fundraiser

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General Fund

General Fund

About This Project

Igor Boychuk is a close friend of Andriy who has been working very hard gathering humanitarian supplies in Europe and transporting them to Ukraine. Items that Igor and his team have purchased and plan to purchase more of to be delivered in the coming weeks to Andriy’s team in Mukachevo, and to groups in Ternopil and Vinnytsia include:

Medical Supplies 

Antiseptic solutions
Pain relievers
Antipyretics (fever reducers)
Hemostatics (stop bleeding)
0.9% NaCl parenteral solution
Syringes and needles
Bandages, wound dressings
Surgical sets
IV cathether systems

Protective Gear for Andriy and his Freeway Team (bulletproof vests, helmets, boots, etc)

Hygienic Products 
Diapers for kids and adults
Baby food, juices,  purees - for different age groups
Feminine hygiene and self-care products

Other Items
Diesel for humanitarian transport vehicles
Pet feed and medicine (for service dogs and also animals that are left in the cities without their owners)

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WithOut Excuse Endeavor is a charitable, non-profit, tax-deductible 501(c)(3) corporation that seeks to aid and protect at-risk youth around the world.

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